Friday, 23 April 2010

So here it goes

Well it seems I have this blog malarky up and running. I'm probablys going to forget I made this tomorrow and never post again, but meh at least there's a good hour of my time pleasantly occupied.
God knows if anyone will ever read this blog if I start writing stuff, but never-the-less I might as well seeing as though I have nothing better to do. I'll make the layout nice and wotnot once I've figured out how to :}

Anyways time for abit about myself and why I think my opinion on music is valid and worthy of a blog:
I play guitar, I've been teaching myself for just about a year now and I dare say I'm decent, I like to make my own covers of songs sometimes and I often wish I had a good voice to sing along. I'm also in a band with some friends (our band's still nameless as of yet, but we'll get there).
I love to rant about music to anyone who'll listen or generally anyone who is in my line of fire, so I thought I might as well write it on here and maybe someone reading might find it interesting and challenge my view. In terms of what music I listen to, I listen to shit loads of different bands/musicians and there's a massive long list I could reel off. However, my five favourite bands are; Nirvana (Kurt Cobain is fantastic), The Smiths, The Libertines, The Cure, and Interpol.
Reet, well this is it for this post. I shall write more after abit sleep and when I have some fuel for my blog writing fire.
Laterz :)