Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Underground Heroes

Just last night I got sorted for being a rep promoting tickets.
The recent one I'm promoting is 'The Underground Heroes', they're a 4-piece band citing their biggest influences as The Jam, The Libertines, The Clash and The Specials. They've toured with with the likes of The Cribs, Lily Allen, The View, Kasabian, Kate Nash, Little Man Tate and also played a spot at Glastonbury and Ibiza Rocks festivals.
I've been listening to them a fair bit today and I have to say they're rather good. They're not a deep band that will touch you with their lyrics and have you contemplating life's great mysteries, but they're a fast-paced, cocky-yet-witty, fred perry wearing young angsty punk/indie band that will have you singing along to the catchy rhythms and 'whoaahh-ohhhs'. There's a video of their latest tune for you to have a gander at below, or you can click on the picture there to go to their myspace.
So aye, they're playing at The Independent in Sunderland quite soon, Thursday the 13th of May in fact and it's only a fiver. So you might as well have a look down because I can imagine it being worthwhile......
You can get the tickets from here; ://tinyurl.com/3xrenl8