Thursday, 10 June 2010

Diana Vickers is the reason indie music is dead

Right, so I completely lost interest in doing anything in this blog because I realised noone cares what I think about music and I realised this was just a pointless use of my time.
But today, about 10 minutes ago in fact, something happened that changed it all. That something was seeing Diana Vickers (a mouse-human hybrid which plagued our screens as part of the x factor) filed under the music genre of indie. Dudes, I shit you not.

In fact it crops up on loads of different websites and in numerous newspapers articles which are referring to her as 'indie' and that deeply saddens me, because it makes me realise this brilliant culture and music genre is nothing exciting anymore, it's basically just a gimmick used by cunts who think they're cool. In fact the 7th result in a google search of indie is a article entitled 'How to Dress Indie', what the actual fuck?!

A simple definition of indie is independent, whether in music, films, art or personality it's about originality, obscurity and not being part of a major group. But that's all arse over tit nowadays as indie culture is the major group, the originality and obscurity has been leeched away by these wannabes who squeeze into tight clothing and pointy shoes to be like every other textbook 'indie', so there's nothing independent left about it.
The music is fucked mostly, it used to be mysterious, original, new and unheard of. There's been some brilliant bands; The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, even more recently The Strokes, Interpol, Radiohead and The Libertines. Now when those musical geniuses can be filed under the same category as a squeaky girl made famous by a reality tv show who has her songs written for her, then you know it's time to bow your head and mourn the passing of something great.
It saddens me that I wasn't around to see the indie scene when it was in it's prime, when it was something that gave you goosebumps, it's heartbreaking in fact. Because now all I'm left to do is appreciate the rare gem that comes through the horrid music of today or weep over the beautiful music genre and culture that has become extinct.

I play you out with a classic....